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In the Solon Mt. Vernon Iowa City Ely area

What is NEW?

I grind my own organic feed with the
motorized Graimmaker roller mill.
I started buying my soybean meal in Washington Iowa - Not local

Then I found a organic farmer nearby Joe Jedlica my organic corn supplier, also has soy beans - YEA!
No more driving to Washington to get the powdery stuff that the chickens seemed to leave in the trough.

Well Ok . . . - sometimes I get a little obsessed

Besides not being "processed" Whole soybeans have much more nutritional value than soybean meal.
At best soybean meal has all the soybean oil squeezed out of it - kind of like olive oil.
At worst is soaked in hexane (low grade gasoline) which binds to the valuable soy oil and then is cooked out.

As with anything bad there comes something good.
The squeezing and soaking and cooking that soybean meal is subjected to inactivates chemicals called trypsin inhibitors and lectins that
makes soybeans hard to digest

You need to use roasted soybeans!

To make a long story short I am also roasting soybeans myself in our oven . . . . ever had soynuts? - YUMMY -
( Click here for the long story.)